Crete is the largest and most famous Greek island. It is situated on the southern tip of the Aegean Sea. The coastline presents profound geographical formations, giving Crete over 900 miles of coastline. It is a fascinating blend of history, myths and folklore. The hospitality of its people with their endless love of life and simplicity is amazing.

A journey across Crete is blessed by the wafting scents of the spring flowers growing in the courtyards of the houses. Here generations of Minoans, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Turks, Jews, and Egyptians have lived. Here you can watch the glorious sunsets from the ancient harbor.

Chania is a wonderful port town that is a popular destination for shopping and sightseeing. It is only 30 minutes drive from our villas and has a beautiful Venetian harbor with an old town full of history. You can wander through the narrow lanes and discover many craft and art shops, as well as the Archaeological Museum of Chania, which contains many historical items from as far back as the fifteenth century B.C.and the Byzantine Museum that is also full of historical relics.

Chania has its modern side as well, so you can find all the amenities and facilities that you would expect, such as restaurants, bars, cafes, fashionable shops and traditional taverns with live music.

Maheri Village

Apokoronas region can be found in the north-east corner of the Chania prefecture. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty, full of green regions, wild flowers, herbs, olive trees, sandy beaches and breathtaking views.

The village of Maheri is located in the area of Apokoronas, 23km from Chania, it has 50 permanent residents and is considered to be one of the best preserved of the traditional villages of Crete. It is classified by the Ministry of Culture as a typical Greek village of extraordinary natural beauty. Amphitheatrically built on the side of a mountain at an altitude of 160 m, between two gorges, it is one of the historical villages at the foot of the White Mountains.

This village is especially beautiful because of the enormous perpendicular rock on its west side which holds the white chapel of Saint-John in a split in the rock as well as the rich vegetation that covers the surrounding hills. On the east side of the village square there is a small stone theatre with the capacity for seating 500 people comfortably where cultural events take place each summer.

The village of Maheri, although it has no big streets and it is completely divorced from tourist Crete, is easily accessible. It is only 4 km from the national road that traverses the northern coast of the island, 23 km from the city of Chania, 18 km from the harbor of Souda, 24 km from Chania airport, 40 km from Rethymno,1 km from the road that leads to Sfakia and to southern coast of Crete and only 5 km from the closest beach and the village of Kalives where there are public services and shops.


It is also an ideal starting point for hiking and for excursions and for acquaintance with the rich fauna and flora of island and the innumerable historical and prehistoric monuments.

You can enjoy walking, trekking, bicycling, horse riding, go-carting and climbing.

There are many walks along mountain paths and gorges including the world famous Samaria Gorge.
Most water sports are also available in Kalyves and Almirida beaches, 5km away from Maheri, such as windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, sailing, jet skiing and fishing.